Top Tips for Integrating Your Online and Offline Marketing Efforts

online and offline marketing

As a small business owner, you probably do a lot of marketing in-house. Finding the time to manage your marketing efforts can be difficult, especially when you’ve got sales, R&D, accounts, and customer service to manage too. Because of this, it makes sense to explore ways to make your marketing efforts work harder. One often overlooked tip is integration. When you integrate your online and offline marketing, you can greatly increase your returns without having to invest even more time and money into your marketing efforts.

Strengthen Your Brand – Online and Offline

Hiring an online marketing company is a good way to reach one segment of consumers, but there’s not much point promoting your product online if people aren’t looking for it. The same is true the other way around – if you advertise in print or on TV and radio, you want to be sure that the people you reach via those ads will be able to find you. Someone may hear your ad for “Wendy’s Widgets” while they’re driving to work. If they decide they want to learn more about your product, they might search for it when they’re in the office. If “Will’s Wonderful Widgets” is the first thing they find, then you’ve lost a sale.

Easy Integration

While those lost sales can happen depressingly often, they’re actually easy enough to prevent. If you’re promoting something offline, be that in a magazine or on the radio, make sure that you focus your online marketing efforts on those products too. Use paid search such a s Google Adwords to advertise the products that are being promoted offline, and make a point of featuring those products prominently on your website, for the best results make sure your customers are directed to custom landing pages rather than dumping them on the home page. Most people will give up quite quickly if they can’t find what they want, so you have to make an effort to give people what they’re looking for with just a couple of mouse-clicks.

Ask your online marketing company to work on building some social media buzz for your offline promoted products. This will have a positive effect in several ways – it will make people that see the online buzz first more receptive to your offline campaign, and it will make people who saw the offline campaign remember it, and make them feel that the product or service you’re promoting is interesting and exciting. People like to be involved in conversations, and if the buzz gets loud enough, they’ll be more likely to sign up or try your product just to find out what people are excited about.

Build Links and Know Where They Come From

One of the toughest parts of online marketing is building or attracting the links that bring value to your business. Whether you choose to use infographics , quizzes or guest blogging or resource pages you need to make sure that you know where each and every links came from. Due diligence lies with you and your company.

Track Everything

Tying online and offline marketing together can give you a lot of valuable information. If you include a promo code in your offline marketing, and make sure to ask for that code when people buy your product or sign up to your newsletter, you’ll get a lot more information about how well your offline campaign is working. Make sure that the signup or purchase process is as low friction as possible, and that people that don’t have a code can still complete it easily. If you include too many screens in your signup process, you’re likely to lose a lot of prospective customers to that friction.

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