Twitter Welcomes Six New Partners to Ads API Program

TwitterAdvertising on Twitter just keeps better and better. At least that’s what the social giant would prefer us to believe. The effectiveness of the advertising solutions on any given platform is subjective, but with the improvements that have been made this year alone, it’s hard not to shoot a positive nod to the masters of the Twitterverse.

Twitter recently announced an all new round of partners for its Ads API. The addition of Voxsup, SocialCode, Kenshoo Social, Optimal Social, SocialFlow, and Unified Social brings its total number of partners to 11. In February, Twitter announced the first round of partners, which included Adobe, HootSuite, Salesforce, SHIFT, and TBG Digital. While both sets of companies serve the same purpose of helping improve the ad experience by making campaigns easier to create and manage, they take a different approach to achieving those goals.

Twitter Ads Get More Social

Twitter’s first round of ad API partners were big on digital advertising. TBG Digital for example, used its expertise to allow brands to buy ad units based around live events and television programs. The newest selection of partners appear to be more focused on social media marketing, which theoretically, makes them a perfect fit for the platform and its marketing community. Here’s more about the latest arrivals and what they offer to the program:

1. Voxsup- Now fully integrated into Twitter, this social ad platform helps marketers create highly targeted campaigns that can be scaled to their needs and optimized to maximize ROI. Voxsup offers features such as the ability to target users based on keywords and interests, manage multiple accounts from a single login, and run campaigns across multiple social networks from a centralized dashboard. The platform also offer analytics from different networks to help marketers improve future campaigns.

2. SocialCode- Founded in 2010, SocialCode helps brands build communities across the social web. The firm uses a combination of advertising tools and intelligence designed to enable marketers to connect with and engage their audiences. SocialCode has quickly built up an impressive client base that includes Oreo, UPS, and the NFL.

3.Kenshoo Social- A global social media marketing agency, Kenshoo Social will integrate its technology into the Twitter Ads API to help marketers find new fans, extend their reach, target audiences by interest, and improve conversions. The firm considers these four areas to be the key ingredients to social media ROI. Kenshoo Social has a pretty impressive client list of its own, including Performics, Sears, and

4. Optimal- The mastermind behind, Optimal Inc. combines advertising and analytics to create powerful marketing solutions designed so brands can make the most of their social efforts. Its ad offering sare available in both managed and self-managed programs, while its analytics platform delivers real-time insights for optimal decision making. Following the trend of superstar clientele, Optimal clients include GILT, Gucci, and Sephora.

5. SocialFlow- Founded in 2009, SocialFlow bills its technology as the first to take a scientific approach to understanding the value of social data in real time. In a nutshell, it digs into the social graph to find content that will drive the highest engagement with users. Twitter is hoping that integrating SocialFlow into its Ads API will enable it to give advertisers maximum value for their paid marketing initiatives.

6. Unified Social- Reliance on the cloud is only one reason Unified Social stands out from the rest of the bunch. The firm lives up to its name by integrating content creation, advertising and intelligence into a unified platform that supports the entire social marketing life cycle. Twitter will integrate the same sophisticated marketing technology that has been leveraged by more than 400 global ad agencies and brands, including HBO, Microsoft, and Toyota.

According to Twitter, its API partners were chosen based on feedback. The company said it was responses from its top advertisers and agencies in the U.S. that helped it pinpoint the technology and tools that would improve the effectiveness of premium marketing campaigns launched on the platform. Twitter will likely continue to rely on this feedback as it adds more partners and works to enhance the advertising experience.

In addition to all the powerful features, the true beauty of the Ads API lies in the convenience factor. Whether it’s tapping into Voxsup’s rich cross-platform capabilities or capitalizing on the robust resources of the Unified Social cloud, marketers can take advantage of these new solutions through their existing dashboards and interfaces.

Twitter has been very active in the social ad space lately. What do you think of the recent moves? Have they sold you on Twitter advertising?


Aidan Hijleh is a freelance copywriter and serves as the Non-Profit Partnership Liaison for Benchmark Email Marketing Services. Aidan advocates free email marketing services to assist with the flourishing of grassroots organizations.
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