How To Use The Twitter Vine Video App For Your Online Business

Twitter Vine Video App

This is probably one of the most overused-but-true sayings in the realm of marketing, whether it is within social media circles or any other kind, is the fact that “words tell but tales sell”.  I am sure that you’ve all heard that expression on a number of occasions.  However the reason any kind of saying like this becomes a cliche like that’s it’s true.  People interact with people due to things that unite us, things that we share.  And exactly how we uncover deep connections with other people is most frequently with the energy of the story and how it is told.

In the earlier days of, people wondered how exactly a tale might be told in 140 figures or less. So Twitter was wiped off by many people as just a teenager’s play-thing.  The general concensus was that anybody who is really serious about communicating in 140 figures probably isn’t that bright.  I mean after all, they would need to use abbreviations, symbols, and customize the English language to an almost non-sensical degree.

But, that’s not really been the case has it?  Because people began to make use of the service, it became very clear there could be some real energy in individuals using just 140 figures to stir feelings, to share ideas, and also to connect.  And along the way, tales were told – see where I am going with this?

For this reason alone I am looking forward to the brand new stand alone video application that Twitter just launched known as Vine. Just in case you had not heard, recently Twitter introduced a micro video blogging application known as Vine. Customers can make and upload 6-second video loops (as well as splice short clips together) to then share with their buddies.

Vine does not import any connections out of your other platforms (like Twitter).  This means that as with every other platform, it will take you a while to hook up with other Vine users, as well as making yourself attractive by putting some thought into creating your profile.

But How Can a 6 Second Video Help Your Business?

#1 – Product Demonstrations

To date, this is among the most obvious way in which brands and companies may use the energy of 6-second videos.  Is there be something which is easy to show to your clients rather than explaining with words? If so, then transform it into a 6-second video (or a series of different ones).

#2 – Contests & Competitions

Contests are among the most widely used social networking tools in almost any brand manager’s toolbox, right?  So make use of this to your benefit!  Do some crowd-sourcing and request your fans to produce their very own favorite how-to video or advertisement on Vine.

#3 – Showcase Your Team

As I have pointed out for other picture and video platforms, this is often a fantastic spot to show some “behind the curtain” footage out of your company. Have a quick video within the worker break room or snap a fast video of the cat having fun with a laser pointer before you go for your forthcoming presentation. Show a before, happening, after of the next trade-show set-up. The options for letting your clients get to see the “behind the curtain” of the company and your employees working hard are endless.

Info: An alternative to Vine, is of course YouTube.  It’s unlikely that Vine will ever beat the volume of viewers that you can gain via Youtube, but it should still serve its purpose.  Check out this video to see how a popular coupon code company is using videos to engage their customers.

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