Types of Businesses Benefiting from Facebook [Infographic]

Types of Businesses Benefiting from Facebook

An overview of businesses that are actively using social media to connect with consumers may prove revealing in terms of where consumer loyalties are located. For example, both iTunes and PlayStation have Facebook followings of 26 million or more. PlayStation’s nearest competitor in social media measures is Xbox with 19 million Facebook likes. iTunes’ nearest competitor is Google with 16 million likes. This makes it possible to realize the predominance of one platform over another.

Some types of social media pages are less revealing. For example, Southwest dominates the airlines category with five million Facebook likes, followed by JetBlue, KLM and AirAsia with two million likes each. It may be a little less thrilling to the average Facebook user to like airline companies than tech companies. People are most passionate about NBA in the sports realm of Facebook with 20 million likes. In automotive likes, BMW leads with 11 million likes. In some cases, it’s probable that a like is an expression of appreciation from someone who uses the related product or service. In others, it may be a vote of style but not ownership.
Source: Top-Business-Degrees.net

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