Use Twitter Hashtag To Get More Followers

Twitter hashtag(#) is a unique  and most important feature of twitter. It’s good for tracking conversations and group activity. Hashtag is a simple word after the “#” character like this: #sociablweb.

Hashtag is simple link to the latest tweets, that contains the hashtag you clicked. If you use hashtags, you will have more readers and it keeps you under the radar!

 twitter hashtag

But how can you use this to get more followers?

Follow those who will auto back follow you!
This method is the easiest way to get more followers on twitter. There are lots of users who will automatically follow you, because they need followers too. They use some auto follower tool, to do it automatically, and it’s the best for you, because you will be followed almost instantly.

How to find these users?

There are so many hashtags that used for this reason. All you have to do is to follow those, who use these hashtags. Here are some of the most popular auto and back follow hashtags to get you more followers:

#InstantFollow   #AutoFollowBack   #IFollowBack   #InstantFollowBack   #TeamFollowBack

After you follow some of the users under these hashtags, check your followers list, and notice, they will follow you back in a few minutes.

Important: Do not unfollow these users, or they will unfollow you as well…
Also notice, that there are users who don’t follow back. Check the followers/followings ratio first! ;)

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