Viber App for Android Updated with New Features

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The Viber app has always been a great hit with users because it allows users on any network to send messages and make calls, completely free of cost. As long as you have the application installed and have a WiFi connection, you’re good to go.

With 140 million users, six platforms and about 400,000 users signing up each day, Viber has decided to shake things up and is offering something new. The new Viber app for Android works along with the operating system to give you solid performance and an overall great experience. It has the ability to sync with contacts, figure out who already has the application and connect you to that person. That saves you the trouble of having to invite them, add or approve their invitation. All you need to do is talk. Free of cost.

Here are the other advantages that you have with the new Viber application.

  • Bring your friends along- The new version lets you message up to 15 of your friends and close ones in one shot. Now no endless forwarding or re-texting when there’s important news to be shared!
  • Quick options- Use the handy popups to reply to messages you receive without having to take a break from doing whatever you are. Messages will show up and fade away once you’re through replying. Another helpful feature is that you can see numerous messages right there on the main screen itself. Handy, indeed.
  • Superior quality VoIP- The world has moved on to voice over internet protocol for telephony needs. Thanks to Viper, you won’t be left behind. Superior quality and clarity of call is possible with Viber, thanks to a Wi-Fi or 3G connection.
  • Better compatibility- The Viber app is compatible with the new iPhone5. It also comes with a better user interface.
  • Zero fuss- Now, you don’t have to register, send people invites or remember passwords. It’s a simple, no-fuss way to keep in touch with everyone who matters.
  • Notifications- If you don’t want your phone to tell you about every single thing that’s happening, use the ‘smart notifications’ tool to decide what you want to know about. The option will tone down the notifications so you don’t miss the ones that are important but are not bogged down by the trivialities either.
  • Location, location- Not only can you send texts to people, you can also share photographs with location details. Keep people informed about where you are, thanks to the location sharing option on the new Viber application.
  • Fun! – The new app has stickers and emoticons to brighten up your texts and talks.
  • Platform specific changes- If you’re on Apple, you can enjoy an all-new keyboard and support for iOS 6. We’re talking about Android, and you can use your message or ringtone alerts for Viber too.

The idea is to use Viber as a communication tool for serious conversations and fun chats. To use the app, get to GooglePlay and locate it. After that, it’s talk and text all the way!


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