Vimeo Versus YouTube: Battle for The ‘Best Video Marketing Website’

Vimeo Versus YouTubeAs the saying goes, ‘A picture is more effective than 1000 words’; video marketing is the watch word these days. Marketers are focusing more on video content with the advent of websites like YouTube, Vimeo and other video marketing websites. A fact to always remember is to choose the best website available, whose rankings are good when compared to others.

It is clear that if you are interested in exposing your business to a wider potential audience, then it is inevitable to have your presence on one of the best video marketing websites. Among the umpteen video marketing websites available, YouTube and Vimeo are the much talked about and most sought after websites. Let us take a look at the features these websites have in store.

But which of the two sites is the most suitable for your business? The answer depends upon the variables like the category of:

  • video you produce,
  • your target audience
  •  your budget.

So, you have your business video ready to be promoted online. But where do you do that? Each of these two sites has its own robust search engines and have their differences as well.

YouTube Pros:

The video ‘Charlie bit my finger’ on YouTube fetched a good fortune to those who uploaded it. The very fact that YouTube is owned by Google makes it unique from the others. Estimation says that every month, YouTube has over 450 million unique viewers around the globe. It is always advisable to market your video on YouTube as the site is indexed by the world’s largest search engine.

Moreover, YouTube allows you to have a free account on the website. It offers the opportunity to customize the look and feel of your account, which can portray your business well. You can as well pay to have your videos appear when people search using specific key words. The sheer mass of content that is uploaded daily and the volume of users visiting daily stand testimony for the quality of YouTube.

YouTube Cons:

The volume of users can have a negative impact as well. At times, searching for the best among the rest can distract your audience with other videos of low quality. People will have to steer through umpteen videos to see your message. Advertising is another drawback of YouTube. It is possible for your competitors to advertise their services and products within your videos.

Vimeo Pros:

There are two factors that make Vimeo the best for video marketing.

  • Reputation on quality
  • Customization

With a paid “pro” account, you can always avoid the queue and upload your video much ahead of your competitors with unpaid accounts. Vimeo offers what it refers to as 2-pass encoding. This option makes your video much cleaner, requiring less bandwidth to watch.

Another feature that Vimeo offers is, complete customization. With this, you can embed your logo into the player itself. It allows branding as well. Paid account holders can disable the feature of in-video advertising, so that the potential audience can focus on the content of the video.

Vimeo Cons:

Estimation says that the monthly unique users of Vimeo span over just 17 million. The video hosting site is less known compared to YouTube. It is still in its nascent stage. Search engines treat videos uploaded on higher traffic sites more favorably. If your video is for commercial purposes, Vimeo insists on having a premium account.

It is difficult to say which scores over the other. The choice depends upon your potential audience, the quality of videos and moreover, your need.


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