Enhance the Visibility of Your LinkedIn Company Profile with These SEO Tips

You must have heard all the reasons why search engine optimization (SEO) is important for your website. Has anyone told you that SEO strategies could boost your LinkedIn profile and play a crucial role in improving the visibility of your company?

Yes, you heard that right. SEO isn’t just meant for websites. With the right measures, you can boost the SEO of your LinkedIn page and improve your chances of showing up in the right web searches as well.

The SEO of a LinkedIn page works almost the same way it works for the website pages. If someone searches “assignment help online” the search engine will come up with links to the pages that offer help with assignments. Similarly, if you have optimized your LinkedIn page for the search engine, your page will also appear in the search results when someone makes a relevant keyword search online.


You can leverage the opportunity to tell your story, highlight the achievements of your team, and share useful content with the audience. Before we explore the tips and tricks to boost the SEO of your company’s LinkedIn page, let us discuss the importance of having a LinkedIn profile.

Why does a company require a LinkedIn page?

LinkedIn may not be the most popular social media platform on the internet. But if you are willing to expand your professional network, LinkedIn is your best bet. Unlike Facebook or Instagram, LinkedIn is a social media platform especially built for professionals.

For individuals, it can be a place to find new job opportunities and build new connections within the industry. However, for a company, LinkedIn serves as the second website. In fact, a company can also use its LinkedIn profile as a marketing tool.

With your LinkedIn profile, you can post content relevant to your industry. You can even initiate and boost audience engagement by using the company’s LinkedIn profile. Since it deals with professionals, it has more credibility than other social media platforms. Considering 80 percent of B2B social media leads are generated from LinkedIn, it is quite evident why you must create a LinkedIn profile for your company.

Smart tips to optimize your company’s LinkedIn page for search engines

If you are not clear about what keywords are, here is a simplified definition of the term. Keywords are one or more words or phrases that are used by consumers to search online. Users type the keywords in the search engines to find helpful results. These words or phrases are used as a tool for discovering relevant information.

seo ranking factors

Like any other webpage, LinkedIn pages are also crawled by search engines. Having significant keywords in the profile page allows search engines like Google to understand what the page is about. When a user searches for a service provider like you, Google shows your page among the top search results. Now that we have sorted the fundamentals, let us discuss brilliant SEO tips to make the most of your LinkedIn Company Profile.

* Make the most of keywords:

In order to find out the keywords that are ideal for your LinkedIn profile, you have to think about the major offers provided by your company. Also, consider the major factors related to your company, including the industry, the USPs, the location, etc. All these can be used to derive important keywords.
You can use several tools to do keyword research for the profile. Some of those tools include:

• SEMRush

• Google Search Console/Keyword Planner

• Moz Keyword Explorer

Once you have generated the necessary keywords, you need to incorporate them in different areas of the LinkedIn page, especially in the “About” section.

* Add relevant details in the “About” section:

As you can guess, the “About” section offers an overview of the company. If you want to be found on the internet, you need to prepare a strong and engaging overview that covers almost every query of the audience. You can outline the overview based on the following factors:

• The vision of the company:
You need to tell the audience what kind of future you want to create.

• The mission of your organization:
You should describe how you plan to create a better future.

• The values inherited by the company:
Discuss who you are and how does everything work around the company.

• The positioning of the brand:
Explain what makes your brand so unique.

• The tagline for the brand:
Sum up everything important about your brand in one line.

• The products/services offered by your company:
Include the products and services you offer.

While writing an engaging overview, remember to include relevant keywords in the content. You might have to add a link to your website. Even though the audience can find the major details about the company on your LinkedIn profile, a website is still the primary resource for the existing customers as well as the vendors, the employees and the potential customers. Furthermore, including the website URL can help drive traffic to your website.

According to LinkedIn, companies that offer complete information about their organization receive 30% more weekly view. Therefore, apart from all the aforementioned details, you should add other details that might be of significance to the audience. You can add details regarding the size of your company (large enterprise or SME), the industry type, and your unique selling propositions.

* Add images to your LinkedIn page:

While keywords and content of the LinkedIn page play a crucial role in boosting the visibility of the page, proper use of visuals add more appeal to the page. Although you don’t have the option to flood the profile with images as you do with Facebook or Instagram, you can add images for the logo and the banner. Even though the scope is limited, you need to make better use of the space.

If you already have a logo for the brand, you should upload it in 300 x 300 pixels size. Use the banner image to show some creativity and make the page look more attractive. The banner image is of the size 1536 x 768 pixels. Even though creative visuals are necessary, you should also keep it in mind that it is a professional platform.

* Update the page in compliance with search engine requirements:

Interestingly, Google and other search engines update their algorithms every now and then to improve user experiences. In order to maintain a good rank on the search results, you have to update your page’s SEO quite often. You need to create fresh content and comply with the latest requirements to pull it off.

To conclude,

Here’s hoping that this blog has offered you a better knowledge of LinkedIn SEO. It is your turn to make the necessary changes on your LinkedIn profile and make your company more visible to the world. Improve the SEO of your LinkedIn page and create more connections in the professional network. Here’s wishing you all the luck!

Guest Author: Olaila Leeis a digital marketer who is currently employed at one of the leading eCommerce companies in Australia. She is an MBA graduate who uses his knowledge and experience to provide essay help and homework help to students via MyAssignmenthelp.com.
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