5 Ways to Boost Social Media Presence of Your Brand or Business

Do you know? More than 2.7 billion peoples are using Social Media Networks in the world. Now, if you are not using Social Media for your business then you are missing out the fast and an effective way to reach almost half the world’s population. Hence, for any successful brand, Social Media presence is very important.

But, by social media presence, it does not mean you keep posting on various social media networks. Posting random articles will not help your brand. For improving social signal, a proper strategy is required. Hence, in this post, we have shared 5 ways (in fact secrets) to increase the social media presence of your brand.

Use of Proper Hashtag

The hashtag is a word or phrase preceded by a hash mark (#). For Example, #SociablWeb is a hashtag. A hashtag can boost your social presence when they’re used correctly in your social media strategy.

The hashtag is the best way to drive more engagement during your events. Your attendees will share the message using the event-specific hashtag and expand the reach of your event. Next, anyone can join these events by using the same hashtag. Being a part of the same hashtag, it will create a great exposure for your brand and business.


Automate Social Media Sharing

One of the ways to boost your social media presence is to take the help of untapped networks. Create an account on these Social Media Networks and thereby increase your target base.

But, managing these social media accounts is not as easy as creating it. It is very difficult to stay active on each social media networks. Hence, the role of automation gets aroused.

What if, you automate your Social Media Posting? When you post a message on one Social Media Network, it will get automatically posted on other networks. Of course, this will save yours lots of time.

Now, you can automate this activity using IFTTT. IFTTT is (If This Then That) website that integrates your online apps and devices together.


By using IFFFT, you can post the message on all online platforms together. All you need to do is create a Applets on the IFTTT website. Rest, it will take care of it.

IFTTT website works for almost all kinds of online platforms including Social Media Networks.

Revive Old Blog Posts

If you are having a blog with a large number of posts, its become very difficult to maintain exposure to old blog posts. Hence, reviving old posts will help you to keep your old post live and drive more traffic to your site. It will also boost your presence on various social media networks.

This is the best strategy for a website or blog with lots of content on it.

reviving old posts

Social Media Page Optimization

Do you know, like Search Engine Optimization, you can also optimize your Social Media Profiles? Social Media Optimization includes identifying the keywords that your users would typically search for.

social media optimization

Hence, Social Media Optimization will help you to attract more number of users to your account and thereby boost your social media presence.

Proper Use of Images and Attractive Title

This is the last but the most important and common way to boost your social media presence. Do you know? On Facebook, more than 350 million photos are uploaded per day. This number indicates that there are lots of images and information, competing for users’ attention. Hence, it is very important to post your image and content strategically. You should always ensure that the uploaded image is related to your content and in best available dimension only.

In the above post, we can clearly see that the image is representing the content and it get easily fit in the given dimension.

Next, it is also important to use the attractive title for your post. It will engage more number of users to your post. As told earlier, posting a random post will not help your brand to boost its presence.

That’s it. If you use the above techniques then it will surely boost your social media presence for your brand.

Over to You

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