5 Interesting Ways to Embed Instagram Posts on Your Websites

Although Instagram has been a late-comer in the industry with it’s entry in October 2010 while social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter had been long-running since 2004 and 2006 respectively but it has surely secured a significant place and it ain’t going anywhere in any near future.

Statistics report that Instagram has a heavy active user base of 500 million people that accesses the app daily. This single fact highlights the great potential Instagram has to grow social influence, marketing, and grow your business.

With those very same objectives, embedding Instagram feeds on your website is an incredible idea that can improve it’s performance in a manner you cannot even imagine.

This article throws light on 5 such interesting ways by which you can embed Instagram posts on your website and overwhelm your visitors.

Come, let’s have a look.

instagram feed template

1. Instagram’s Official Embedding

Instagram as a social media platform is multi-purpose and multi-functional.

It gives you the power to embed it’s individual posts on other platforms using it’s official embedding feature.

You can generate embed code from Instagram itself.

Instagram allows you to embed both Instagram feeds and individual photos on your website.

As it is Instagram’s official feature, hence, it is the most trusted and reliable one.

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2. Taggbox- Instagram Wall

Taggbox is a social media aggregator and display tool that allows you to create beautiful and stunning Instagram Walls that can be easily embedded on your websites.

All you need to do is create an Instagram feed wall with Taggbox, generate an embed code, and paste it on the webpage where you want to display Instagram posts.

Taggbox comes with amazing customization features that helps you create beautiful and engaging Instagram walls, powerful moderation and curation features to let you filter out the irrelevant content and maintain the feed quality of your Instagram wall, robust Analytics feature that lets you analyze the performance of your Instagram feeds and interaction of users with them, and many more such amazing features.

It displays real-time Instagram feeds in highly responsive layout designs which fit to any screen size and type. It also comes with really flexible and cost-effective pricing plans.

3. Taking Screenshots

It is the most simple, safe, and long-term secured way to display Instagram posts on your website.

Taking a screenshot is no technology. Anyone can take it. So, no technical assistance required. That’s the first advantage.

Screenshots are like your safety net. Many times, when you embed a post from Instagram directly or through any other means, there are chances that it might get deleted. Reason being that the post might get reported, or it might be a spam, or might violate the terms of service, or any other reason for that matter.

The point is having a screenshot of the post saves you from all this discrepancy and secures your post that you want to display on your website.
It is a great way to archieve your Instagram posts.

4. Instagram Feed WordPress Login

If you own a WordPress website, then lucky for you, there are many plugins available that allows you to embed your Instagram feeds on your website, either individually or together in a single stream from a single or multiple accounts at a time.

The plugins help you to format and display the Instagram posts in an attractive way. They offer you different themes and layouts in which you can display your Instagram feeds.

If you wish to display Instagram photos from your account or from someone else’s public account, then WordPress plugins give you an easy way to do so.

Most of WordPress plugins are free. They come with responsive designs, allows you to display hashtag feeds, and allows users to comment or like photos directly from the embed.

5. Embedly

Embedly is a web service to connect API to API. It offers various tools, APIs, and libraries to help you embed Instagram feeds directly from Instagram on your websites.

Major blogging sites like Medium use it to embed Instagram feeds on your website without having to deal with the coding difficulties. It handles the whole coding part on it’s backend.

All you need to do is generate the embed code from embedly and copy that URL to the clipboard. Go to the webpage where you want to display the Instagram posts and paste it there.

When yo go to that link and plug in the Instagram URL, you get options to preview and choose whether or not you want an SEO code. You can specifically customize and allign your feeds before embedding them into your website.

Over to You

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