Great Ways To Register Your Brand On Twitter

TwitterWith all the companies that are now taking advantage of the online sector, it is vital for any business to be fully branded and trademarked when possible.  Those who already hold trademarks may find that they trademark they paid for can be registered and used by anyone on Twitter with no though money passes hands.  This can be devastating to company owners who have spent so much time and money on branding and trade marking.  Learning that someone else can just use all their hard work is often defeating but it doesn’t have to be.  Below are some ways that you can successfully register your brand and trademark on Twitter.

What is the Trademark Policy on Twitter?

Before you go any further it is vital to understand what the trademark policy on Twitter actually is in order to protect your company.  First and foremost, as long as the trademark is not being used in conjunction with the products or services that are offered there is no violation.  No names on Twitter can be reserved so even a trademarked name is not off the table for anyone.  Even large corporations find that they cannot use their own brand name because it has been taken by an individual and there is nothing that can be done.  This is why it is vital for any new company to get their Twitter account immediately so they can lock in their brand name before it becomes popular.

Problems Created by This Policy

The first problem is that any person can use a trademarked name no matter who they are and how they fit into the company as long as the policy is followed.  Twitter does not interfere into these issues and cannot force the user to choose another name.  However, if the individual is using the name and has something to do with the product or service then Twitter will step in and resolve the issue.  For instance, a fan of a major sport’s team creates an account with the team name and then promotes products that they make with the team’s logo, they have broken the rule.  Or if a person has a name that is associated with a nationally recognized brand and is selling that brand on their website, they have also broken that policy and in this instance the trademarked name is taken away from the individual.

Getting Through the Trademark Policy

The best way to get through the trademark policy is to register your company’s name with Twitter as soon as possible.  This means that there is a less likely chance that this complication will arise in the first place.  When a company wants to market on Twitter there are very few options open so having your brand name is very important.  While you can still market your company or brand by simply changing the spelling this can be counterproductive.  Other companies simply purchase their followers on Twitter until they can come up with another company or brand name.

The one thing that is the most important factor here is getting your company or brand name on Twitter as soon as possible so there isn’t any issues with someone stealing your trademark.

Tina Fouts has been on Twitter for years and has thousands of followers.  She has been writing a Twitter tips blog for over three years now.

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