Which Mobile Devices Are The Best For A Banner Ad?

mobile banner adAs more and more people use smartphones and tablets, it makes more and more sense to have advertising geared towards smartphone and tablet users. That’s where mobile banner ads come in. Having advertisements that show up on apps and when searching the web on a smartphone or tablet computer can contribute to increased sales for your company, and increased interest in your services.

Which mobile devices will work best for mobile banner ads?

Needless to say, it is easier to read a banner ad in a tablet computer, like an iPad or a Kindle Fire or some other tablet, as opposed to being on a smartphone. But that does not mean that banner advertising on a smartphone like an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy is ineffective. Needless to say, the ads will not work on phones that just make phone calls – so-called “dumb” phones.

There is really no wrong answer as to which smartphones will work best for mobile banner ads – as long as the customer has a display, and an internet connection, and can see the ads, this will work. But there are some things to keep in mind when it comes to mobile ads:

Make sure that the ads run in the right places.

It may make a lot of sense to have your new gaming app advertisement show up for other games in the apps themselves. For example, Angry Birds advertises sequel games to it as part of their advertising, which is part of the free version of the game. And Candy Crush Saga runs ads for similar games that the game’s fans may be interested. These are good ideas for symmetry. But having a game ad run in a Bible app, unless the game is “The Ten Commandments of Biblical Fun” or something with a similar religious theme, may not work well.

Make sure the mobile banner ads are legible, even at small sizes

You would be surprised at how many people don’t pay attention to this when designing mobile ads. As a result, people don’t click on the ads because they don’t really understand them. And the ads need to be small, but they shouldn’t be so small that nobody can see them. So make sure you keep this in mind, and run tests to make sure that potential customers understand the ads.

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