Why You Should Have A Google+ Profile

Google + Page for BusinessGoogle+ is growing everyday as more and more people hear and sign up for the social networking site. There have been predictions and observers who say that if Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ launched at the same time, Google+ would be most dominant.

However, the search engine giant was a little behind schedule in launching their own social media platform. At first, people thought it was just a way to organize your contacts, friends, and family by categorizing them in “circles” but many failed to realize it is much more than that.

Google+ is more than just a social network. When well thought out, it is like an open platform to the search engines. Anyone can Google your name and if you have a Google+ profile they will most likely find you right away. Google itself is already the homepage on millions of computers and people use Google to get where they want to get on the web.

Whereas Facebook and Twitter, are designed and signed on to when we want to see what our fellow friends, family, and followers are up to. These other social media sites don’t juggle multiple uses as Google does.

Helps You Find a Job 

Google+ is starting to become a resource for work-at-home individuals. People that are currently either self-employed or looking for a virtual job are now more prone to receiving proposals.

However a lot of activity on your profile will affect who and how many people contact you. Be sure to brand yourself appropriately and fill in all the non-required fields, such as where you went to school, where you work, and more. You even have the ability to put where you contribute articles too, thus expanding visibility to your services.

Join and Interact 

Google+ is one of the best ways to get your name and reputation out to the World Wide Web and many potential employees, followers, and even new friends. Joining or creating your own specific niche community is a great way to help your reputation and interact with potential clients. If you have a specific interest or hobby, create or join a community and engage.

Are You A Blogger?

If you offer website development services or writing services, have a Google+ profile is a great way for you to expand your resources. However, if you operate your own blog or website, it is even better. Google Authorship, which requires a Google+ profile, has been producing tremendous results for websites that are ranking in the search engines.

Google Authorship is the little image of the articles author that appears when we Google something. Statistics prove that more people click on the results that have a picture than those that don’t.

Remember, as with other social media sites, in order to see your desired results, you must be active and engaging. Deliver to your circles and even interact with those you aren’t connected with. It may look simple and boring, but Google+ is tremendously effective to your online reputation and much more.


Robert is a web developer and IT tech guru. He now runs his own small business that offers services such as IT tech support, web development, and brand marketing. His first job was to operate managed vps hosting accounts of which he was learning about the important factors in web development and website marketing. Robert enjoys eating out, spending time with friends and having long strategy talks.
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