Will Facebook Go The Way of Myspace?

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Remember MySpace? At one point in time it was THE place to be. Now, however, the site is pretty much dead. By knowing what killed it slowly but surely everyday until the mass exodus took place will give you a little insight as to whether or not Facebook is going to end up the same way. We’re going to go over some of the specific reasons that MySpace ultimately failed and show you why Facebook is heading in the same direction.

Rise and Fall of MySpace

While MySpace wasn’t the very first social media website, it was one of the first that got really, really big in the United States. Part of the reason is that they welcomes bands and musicians and allowed them to post their music and get it out to the people. Then came the fans and everyone else. When they started offering games like Mafia Wars, things began going downhill fast.

Another problem the site had was not controlling the spammers and designs of profile pages. Quite a few people made big money on the social media network in the very early days. From Phishing to straight up scams, the site was full of people who weren’t there for the right reasons. And to make it worse, unlike Facebook, MySpace wasn’t getting their cut of the money from this – at least not enough money to keep on going.

Rise and Fall of Facebook

Much like MySpace, Facebook really took off. Unlike MySpace, they kept their momentum and kept getting money thrown at them. Now, they make billions of dollars in revenue and are a publicly traded company. However, their lack of concern for what people think about their privacy policies is just one sign pointing to the fact they’re going to go the way of MySpace.

Some people online have said that Facebook is losing its younger members because it’s not cool to be on a social media network with parents, grandparents, teachers and more. The popularity of Facebook – and social media website – may be what kills it in the long run. Whether this will happen or not remains to be seen, but many signs point to it happening.

We want to know what you think. If you have the time and desire, write up why you think that Facebook may go the way of MySpace in the next few months or years. However long it takes, there are many signs that point to the site – or any social media site – not being able to maintain popularity for a long period of time. Add your opinion below so we can get a better look at some of the other reasons that Facebook may be out of the picture in the near future.

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