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Displaying products in a list (table view) can be an excellent solution for stores and the general public if such a table has options for cleaning, sorting, and testing products. Customers can find and compare quickly.

The WooCommerce product table listing will display the products more clearly. The list of products and the essential information about them (especially the name and price) will be easy and quick to read. Consumers can buy directly from the table. Thus, there is no need to search for products and navigate from one research page to another to make a purchase.

Displaying the products in one location will allow you to increase the bag’s price.

Why is a product table plugin important?

When you sell certain products in your online store, this question may come up. A WooCommerce plugin can be helpful, but the ordering process is not ideal for all products. Clients often prefer a design that organizes all relevant information into a list of tables.

Tired of the look of your online store? Then we suggest changing the setting a bit and seeing how everything goes.

The only problem with WooCommerce is that it only displays images, titles, prices, and a cart button for a product. As a result, many products have a system that displays the following information. On the other hand, the food table holder creates a table with the same characteristics but is more organized. You can add as many columns as you like to suit customer questions.

• Quick purchase decision

By looking at the information displayed in the price table concerning the maximum and the minimum number of items purchased, consumers tend to buy more, which increases sales as well as rates of demand.

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• Make an easy comparison

Pricing tables are ideal for displaying significant discounts. This will help your website make an easy comparison according to their needs and budget.

• Improve UX

With price tables in your WooCommerce business, customers will have all the information they need about available offers, entertaining them.

WooCommerce Product Table Features

The WooCommerce Product Table plugin is compact and contains over 50 features when writing. The developers, Barn2 Media, are constantly updating the setup with new features, meaning you can’t deviate from the options you need to create robust product tables.

We will review a few features below to give you an idea of what to expect when installing the WooCommerce Product Table plugin.

Fully Responsive

We live in an era of cell phones and mobile devices of all shapes and sizes. Your customer spends a lot of time with their mobile devices, so you need a complete solution store that fits all types of devices.

The WooCommerce Product Table plugin is 100% responsive, meaning your product table will look and feel useful no matter the device the customer uses.

In addition, you can choose which columns to prioritize, allowing you to offer your customers the best user experience.

WPML Compatible

The best part about running an online store is that the whole world is your market. And because we all speak different languages, we now have multilingual websites.

Worried that your table won’t look good in Chinese or Hebrew? Don’t worry; the WooCommerce Product Table plugin is 100% compatible with the WPML plugin, which means you can create product tables in any language.

Due to the bug, the plugin comes with translations for French, German, Dutch, Italian, Greek, Portuguese, Swedish, Spanish, Hebrew, Norwegian, Polish and Finnish.

Add Multiple Products To Cart

Let’s assume for a moment that you sell food. You want to sell several items, such as a bucket of frying pan, soda, and chicken wings.

Instead of providing the customer with different order forms, you can display check boxes next to each product, allowing customers to quickly select multiple products at once and add them to their purchase.

In addition, customers can choose the quantity, color, and other characteristics of products from the menu. This will save you a lot of time, and the client will happily place an order quickly.

Add Multimedia Content

Custom product tables are minimal when it comes to displaying media. Sky is the limit for WooCommerce Product Table plugin.

You can now display product images on headlights and install audio, video, and advertising to promote your products from the product line.

Search Filters & Widgets

Wouldn’t it be great if your customers could find and browse products without opening extra pages? The WooCommerce Product Table plugin has search functionality to sort products by attributes, categories, tags, or taxes.

Not only this. You can add custom search widgets to help filter products by rating, price, or any other custom feature. Your customers don’t have to struggle to find the perfect item in your store.

Additionally, you can add a quick search box to your product tables so your customers can find products by keywords.

Fast Performance

The WooCommerce Product Table plugin, like other plugins, needs to be developed efficiently, quickly, and thanks and loads to your team.

In addition, the plugin comes with lazy loading options, which are very useful for large tables. With this option, you can list thousands of products without sacrificing page speed.

On top of that, the WooCommerce product panel has an integrated interface, which means you can reduce downtime even more. You don’t like it when a developer worries about how their plugins will affect the speed of your website?

Compatible with ANY Theme

Do you already have a favorite WordPress theme? The WooCommerce Product Table plugin is designed to work well with any theme. This makes it an excellent option for installing any WooCommerce theme or page builder, including our Total WordPress themes. And if you run into any issues, their support team will be happy to help with any conflicts.


Buyers need clarity in their choices, and price tables are one way to meet that need on your website. Once you have your shopping list, keep looking for ways to connect with your visitors and win them over with the best user experience you can offer.

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