5 Steps to Avoid WordPress Migration Mistakes

Wordpress Migration

Domain Migration is the process of shifting a website’s content and resources from one domain to another. There are various factors involved to ensure the migration is successful and does not negatively affect the website’s search ranking & growth. Several web development and web hosting services offer domain migration and management services as well.

Common Mistakes to Avoid While WordPress Migration

While migrating a domain, it is important to avoid mistakes that may result in poor functioning of the website. Some common mistakes in this regard may include:

Mistake # 1: Not Having a Strategy or Considering Risks

One of the most common mistakes that people make while domain shifting is not having an effective strategy before migrating a website’s data. It is of vital importance to think about the risks involved and have a valid plan prior to relocating the domain. 

Two crucial dangers of domain migration are:

  • Traffic loss
  • Data loss

Surely no one wants to lose their website traffic or its data after moving the website from one domain to another. Therefore, the need to have an effective plan is necessary. It is important to pen down the risks of domain migration along with the required website development services and clear out the objectives associated with it before taking the next step. 

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Mistake # 2: Ignoring To Have Backups

To have a successful domain migration, you must assess everything that needs to be migrated. For this purpose, you need to create a backup from the first domain using a backup plugin such as “Updraft WordPress” and download it to your computer. The plugin needs to be installed and activated on the computer.

Mistake # 3: Forgetting To Update the Details

After restoring the website’s data with all of its content and resources onto the new host, it is important to update the details. This is a very common mistake that people usually make while domain migration and which needs to be avoided at all costs. Website development services and web hosting services are important factors in this regard for they make sure the domain migration does not affect your website in any negative way. 

Mistake # 4: Not Installing WordPress Plugin on the New Host

You need to install a WordPress plugin on the new host to upload your website’s data. Failure to install the plugin may result in the loss of your data and the traffic on your website. Some plugins to be installed and activated on the new host may include:

  • Updraft Migrator Plugin
  • Migrate Guru

You must activate the plugin on the new domain host after its installation. 

Mistake # 5: Using New Domain Host Details to Login

After you have migrated your domain to a new host, you need to log in to the website with your former domain host log-in details. It is only the website that has been shifted to a new host. The website remains the same along with the data and all the resources that it holds. 

Domain Migrations – A Necessary Element for Website Growth Domain migrations are a necessary and exciting element of website growth, whether it’s a complete redesign with the help of Website Development Services, some general website reorganization by website hosting services, or anything else. Avoiding these common domain migration errors can make the entire process work more smoothly and successfully.

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