YouTube Launches InVideo Programming

YouTube has launched another cool feature. There have been some pretty interesting updates from YouTube recently and the latest on the list is InVideo Programming. You needn’t write any program codes to use this feature. It is yet another way to promote your videos and drive in more traffic. This feature lets you do two things, brand your entire library of videos and feature old videos. In simple words, it is a feature to embed a thumbnail sized video in a big video. The embedded video can be any of your old videos which the audience might have forgotten because you didn’t use it to promote your business for a long time or any video which you feel that your viewers must watch.

InVideo programming

The images and the embedded video will appear wherever annotation is possible. Annotations are highly helpful in attracting the viewers and keeping them on the page for a longer time than otherwise. Instead of mere letters in the form of annotation, YouTube has now enabled the placement of images and videos so that it is more compelling for the viewers to click on them and keep watching a series of videos from the library. The presence of images and videos makes viewers more curious to click on them and find what’s in it.

You can also lead them to your promotional website if they click on the link and offer them a compelling deal in the landing page, where they can subscribe to your service or buy your product right away. This is a very helpful feature for not only businesses but also the general public. While businesses can try to exploit it to promote their products and services, common videographers can feature their old videos which were good, but didn’t receive enough recognition. The embedded video can be a door to your entire library where the viewers can know more about your creativity and appreciate your efforts.

If you’re going to launch a new product or a service, you can create a mini video blog and embed it in one of your popular videos and make your new product easily recognizable by viewers when it is launched. By doing this, you can have people who look forward to welcoming your product so that it won’t have to struggle to make its way through the crowd. Another fantastic use of the new feature is channel branding. If you have a unique logo or symbol that represents your business, you can make it visible on all your videos in a few minutes using this feature. It will help your viewers recognize you wherever they find your video.

Another customization you can make is determining how long the image must appear on your video. There may be some important parts of the video hidden by the image and if you have an issue like this, you can choose to hide the image after a certain time and define how long the image should appear on the video. SEO experts are eagerly waiting to measure the effectiveness of this feature in optimizing their webpages. However, you need to carefully plan before branding or embedding your videos such that it doesn’t affect the viewing experience but has a positive impact on the minds of your viewers.

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