Why Does YouTube Matter For Marketers?

Why Does YouTube Matter For Marketers?  It’s simple. It’s popular, it’s widespread, it’s a telecommunication phenomenon, and it’s one of the many ways you can make use of the mind-blowing invention known as the Internet. In fact, the concept of YouTube-based marketing is gaining more and more fans as the days pass by. Many Internet marketers and their client companies are interested in the concept of “viral videos” and “viral marketing”, which involves using your own customers to sell your products via their satisfaction and word of mouth. The Internet is as much a hotbed of viral marketing as the human body is to real viruses because it’s been specifically created to spread information. It’s the latest technological marvel when it comes to mass communication, and YouTube is just one of the many means to market your products using the Internet (there’s also email marketing, mobile marketing, article marketing, website marketing, keyword research, SEO marketing or SEM, and so forth). The bottom line here is that YouTube matters for marketers because it has proven itself time and again as a viable means of attracting customers. Even if it’s a Flash video website and even if many of the content it contains (aside from copyrighted content) are mere clips that last no longer than five minutes, people are nevertheless congregating to these videos.

It’s quite profitable marketing-wise and cost-effective to post a YouTube video (just as it is to buy Twitter followers) to create entertaining (and original) video content that, depending on the whiles of the Internet denizens at large, could go viral and provide your company with relatively free publicity offered by the very target audience you’re trying to appeal to. You can also post links on the description below the video as well as right in the video itself via annotation links or simply even writing the link on the video itself. Unfortunately, there are many marketers who don’t even attempt to use YouTube and try out its vast marketing potential, as though it’s not a real option. Don’t make that same mistake.  Sign up for a YouTube account, buy YouTube views, check out the trending videos to get an idea of the flavor of the month or attempt to use your marketing experience to come up with your own original content, and see the capabilities of video marketing in action. The thing you need to remember the most is that people who have no prior marketing experience make many popular user-generated videos on YouTube.

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