Using YouTube’s Privacy Settings

YouTubeNot everyone who is one YouTube wants to have millions of viewers or even want to have their videos shared on the internet.  It is not the dream of all people for their videos to go viral, they just want to share them with people who they know and like.  That’s a good thing too because it is a very small percentage of videos that actually get a viral tag on them.  So, if you want to keep your videos private there are some things you can do.  The following are some tips for using YouTube’s privacy settings.

Keeping Your Videos Private

While you can’t keep your videos completely private per se, you can limit how many people can view the video and once that amount has been reached, it cannot be viewed anymore.  You can allow up to twenty five people to have the opportunity to watch the video.  You can also limit those views to only your YouTube friends so if others outside of your friends wants to view it they have to become a friend first.   For most people, they want to get views on their videos and in fact will pay for more views but not everyone is this dedicated to YouTube.  If you’d like more than twenty five people to view your videos, you can also set your video to unlisted which allows you to share the link but renders the video unsearchable through the YouTube search engine.

Your YouTube Profile

One of the best ways to protect yourself is to not get too detailed when you are filling out your YouTube profile.  You don’t have to geotag yourself or even tell too much about your lifestyle or anything about your life.  In fact, you don’t have to say anything about yourself at all in your profile besides your name.  Also, make sure you don’t post videos that have too much information on them about your life like what the exterior of your home looks like or that brand new fifty inch television in the living room.  If people recognize these things, they could take advantage of that information.

Comments and Responses

Finally, you have control over who posts comments on your YouTube videos.  There is a setting that allows you to view and approve all comments before they show up on your video page.  This is a very good way to control what content you allow on your channel.  Not all people on the internet are nice and they can post bad things just because, well, they can.  These people are called trolls but you can control their activity on your channel easily enough.  You can also control all responses and ratings in the same way to make sure that your YouTube channel is the way you want it.

If you want to protect yourself on YouTube then you need to become friends with the privacy setting for your profile, comments section and your videos.  You can allow up to twenty five people to see you videos or you can have your video unlisted so it cannot be searched.


Colleen Brice has been making stunning YouTube videos for six years and is now blogging about her experiences on the site.
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